The water system consists of three wells which have a capacity of 1382 m3/day which is sufficient to provide enough water for 4600 persons assuming an average demand of 300 I/person/day. Two new pumps have recently been installed.

The Water Treatment Plant can process 485 L/min or 233m3/day assuming a 9 hour day (8 hours for production and 1 hour for backwashing). This is enough water for 776 people. If the plant was operated for 24 hours, it would be able to treat 669m3/day which provides enough water for 2231 people.

Guidelines for water storage are two average day demand plus one hour of fire flow at 67 L/s. This calculates to 738 m3 storage requirement at full growth. The reservoir has a current capacity of 734 m3 which is sufficient. Eliminating the fire flow requirement allows the current reservoir to be sufficient for 1223 persons.

The water distribution pumps are capable of providing 14.7 L/s which is more than the peak hour requirement of 11.6 L/s. The Town installed 6 inch PVC Brute pipe to replace cast iron mains in the 1980’s.

In summary and unlike many other Saskatchewan communities, Broadview’s water system is in good shape and has sufficient capacity for the projected growth.


The following quarterly rates shall apply for the use of water:
a) $ 75.00 for the first 9000 gallons;
b) $ 6.00 per thousand gallons (1,000) gallons or part thereof.


The following quarterly rates shall apply for the use of sewer:
a) $45.00 per quarter ($15 / month)


SaskEnergy, the primary provider of natural gas in Broadview always has the ability to expand its infrastructure if required to accommodate growth and to meet your business’s needs.

Call Cindy Fenske, Business Manager, Yorkton/Weyburn Area, SaskEnergy Incorporated, 40 Palliser Way, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, S3N 3Z4, 1 (306) 786-2398 to discuss your specific needs and requirements.


All properties in Broadview are in close proximity to 3 phase and single phase power service.

Call Sask Power at 1-888-757-6937 to discuss your specific needs and requirements.



The primary provider of land line telephone is SaskTel.

Call SaskTel products and services 1-800-SASKTEL (1-800-727-5835) to discuss your specific needs and requirements.


Cellular services in the area are provided by the following companies:


Mobile Country Code 302 302 302 302 302 302
Mobile Network Code 780 610 500 720 220 490
3G Download Speed 1.8 Mb/s 2.5 Mb/s 4.9 Mb/s 1.7 Mb/s 2.3 Mb/s 1.7 Mb/s
4G Download Speed 10.7 Mb/s 9.7 Mb/s 21.2 Mb/s 10.2 Mb/s 9.6 Mb/s NA
3G Upload Speed 0.4 Mb/s 0.4 Mb/s 0.5 Mb/s 0.3 Mb/s 0.3 Mb/s 0.3 Mb/s
4G Upload Speed 4.1 Mb/s 2.7 Mb/s 10.9 Mb/s 3.3 Mb/s 2 Mb/s NA
2G Latency NA NA 483 ms 836 ms NA NA
3G Latency 568 ms 622 ms 558 ms 558 ms 565 ms 586 ms
4G Latency 33 ms 50 ms 84 ms 56 ms 44 ms N/A
2G Data Reliability N/A N/A 63% 58% N/A N/A
3G Data Reliability 83% 75% 83% 81% 85% 85%
4G Data Reliability 84% 80% 100% 82% 83% N/A
Latency Spread 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
4G First Seen on 18th of Mar 2014 20th of Jul 2013 16th of Jul 2014 27th of May 2013 13th of Nov 2013 N/A

A number of Internet Service Providers who provide high speed and satellite service the area:

  • Sasktel;
  • Xplornet;
  • Yourlink; and
  • Shaw